Shawarma Rotisserie Chicken

Use your rotisserie chicken to make a quick, healthy dinner-super fast, super easy, absolutely delicious- the trifecta of recipes to add to your meal rotation.

Healthy and Delicious Rotisserie Chicken Recipe

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I was ridiculously slow to rejoin the human race, post pandemic. This week, for the first time in years, I channeled my inner Martha Stewart and admitted guests into into my home. I hosted a luncheon.

It felt like the day was a success but but after 3 years of no visitors, the bar was pretty low.

It’s possible that I adapted to pandemic isolation too well. I perfected the art of ‘pandemic yoga’, creating poses like “Quarantine Warrior” and “Sitting Lotus”. Luckily, I have a posse of wonderful homies and my yearning to see them superseded my nesting comfort level enabling me to leave my isolation womb and host a social gathering.

leftover rotisserie chicken recipes

I served rotisserie chicken sautéed in a Shawarma spice mix over salad, a dish I created during pandemic. The surprise was how well received it was. (It’s possible that my friends’ collective judgement was also impaired from the 3 year isolation.)

This dish is fast, easy-to-make, tasty, and even healthy, making it the perfect first recipe post for my blog.

Rotisserie Chicken Shawarma
The recipe is made with a mixture of spices and leftove rotisserie chicken.

Measure out the spices and stir them together.
Sauté chicken in pan over medium heat. Most rotisserie chicken makes it’s own juice for sautéing. If your meat sticks, use a small amount of a neutral oil. Once the chicken begins to heat, sprinkle the spices over the chicken. (Image 1) If the chicken is a little dry, add chicken broth. Stir and cook until the chicken looks like the meat and spices become one. (Image 2)


1 1/2 tsp ground cumin
1 1/2 tsp swet paprika
1 tsp salt
1 tsp ground coriander
1/4 tsp ground tumeric
1/4 tsp black pepper (optional)

1 1/2 pound rotisserie chicken cut into 1 inch cubes

recipes using rotisserie chicken

Image 1

things to make with rotisserie chicken

Image 2

things to make with leftover rotisserie chicken

Arrange the chicken over rice, noodles or salad. To channel your inner Michelin chef, add a layer of sautéed vegetables on the salad before adding the chicken.

Have spices left over? Put them in a jar for storage. You’ll want to make the recipe again. I triple this recipe and save the extra. One of the jars in my hexagon spice rack is permanently assigned to Shawarma.

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  1. Marcia Russell Avatar
    Marcia Russell

    Wow! This is a great idea. I look forward to your next food idea.

    1. admin Avatar

      Thanks. The best part about this is how easy it is.

  2. Roxann Harris Avatar
    Roxann Harris

    This looks so good!

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