Home Decor the Bedroom

Your bedroom is your ultimate retreat, where you start and end your day, so its ambiance matters. You want a bedroom that says, “You’ve got this, you’re a superstar and you live like one”. Your bedroom should align with your taste so it always feels familiar, not like you’re camping out in someone else’s home. Decorate— your peace of mind (and ego) will thank you for it. 

Before you start your bedroom reno, you need to understand what makes you happy style-wise. Having a bedroom that reflects your taste ensures you have a sanctuary from the outside world’s madness. If you have assembled a curated oasis of your own style, entering your bedroom will feel like a daily min-vacation without the TSA lines. Decorate! Your peace of mind and ego will thank you for it. Make your bedroom your personal haven where you can pretend you’ve mastered adulting, one throw pillow at a time. 

 It’s interesting what triggers the urge to redecorate your bedroom. For me, it was finding a pair of hanging lamps I could not live without. I bought them before I had any idea what other changes my bedroom needed. I found one thing after another tha

t was necessary to surround the lamps. Soon, I knew exactly where my bedroom was going to go.

A Focal Wall in a Bedroom

Use a Focal Wall In Your Bedroom

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multiple bedrooms with minor changes

5 Easy Fixes to Upgrade the Look of Your Bedroom

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