For many years I taught a Design University Class at Sewing and Embroidery Venues. The following comes from a real-life encounter at one of those classes. (this excerpt is from my book, Artful Machine Embroidery).

Last year, after teaching my Design University Class, I was approached by a lovley lady wearing a graceful jacket covered with stamped motifs, embroidered designs and a sprinkling of beading. She spoke quietly but with conviction.

“I took your cThat’s quite a statement. I expect that my studentass last year. this class, and I want you to know that it changed my life.”

Changed her life? That’s quite a statement. I expect that my students will leave my class knowing a little more than when they came in, understanding what makes good design, feeling comforable with the concepts presented, and having enough knowledge and confidence to to start applying these concepts to their own work. But changing their lives? I wasn’t expecting that.

“yes,” she said. “Before your class, I was convinced that I didn’t have a creative bone in my body. I always started with kits or copied others’ work. After taking your class, I realized that I don’t have to get it right the first time, that I can play around until I like something. Now I’m comforable trying new things. My work has improved about a 1000 perscent. I wanted to thank you.”

Design, good or otherwise consists of two parts, the elements you use and the way you use them. IN my book and in this blog, we’ll examine both the elements of design and the way you organize them to produce beauty.

The preceding is from the book “Artful Machine Embroidery” by me, Bobbi Bullard, published by C&T publishing. copyright 2012.

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