Hexagon Backsplash

How to add interest and beauty to your kitchen with hexagon tile backsplash.

Tiling, the Overview

Hexagon Tile

                Tiling operates in its own spacetime continuum, one that moves like a turtle, a very slow turtle. Why? Our tiling was slow because we worked only half days, twice a week. Our tiling took a long time because our tile saw resembled something from Toys R Us,  childlike and dated. And, the tiling was slow because hexagons are a harder install than rectangles. It was slow because tiling takes time.

Starr and I fell into work roles.  We chose the layout together using our hexagon tile. Starr figured out the required cuts and installed most of the tiles.  And, I earned a tile saw proficiency badge.

DIY backsplash

The Tile Saw

Using a tile saw is a messy business. The whole time we tiled I was cold and wet. The tile saw blade sits in a water bath keeping it cool to keep tiles from shattering. As the blade revolves, water goes everywhere. (Well, it does with my tile saw, maybe not the more expensive ones). Using a tile saw was like a stint in a dunk tank. (Does that make me sponge Bobbi square pants?) I started changing into tile saw (read wet) clothing any time I had a cut to make.  After the fact, it occurred to me that a water proof apron would have saved me hours of soaking.

I bonded with that tile saw, I unlocked the “pro” mode in tile saw.

We had a perfectly honed routine. Starr drew a line where the tile needed to be cut. I leaned over the saw to see the the blade at eye level, and guided  the tile through the saw on the drawn line. I spent a millennium with my back in a C.

But it was worth it. There’s a lot of great stuff in my kitchen but I think the tile is close to the top of the list.

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  1. Roberta Kitowski Avatar
    Roberta Kitowski

    Love the magnetic “spice rack”!

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