Make Your Own DIY Magnetic Spice Rack

t’s easy to make a beautiful, useful addition to your kitchen, a DIY Magnetic Spice Rack. It’s so fast and easy to make. I Love My Spicy Spice Rack

I continue to love my new kitchen, it’s elegant, yet quirky, bright yet dramatic, and it showcases my style. One thing that amazes me is that, as more and more people see the kitchen in real life and here on the blog, my spice rack often steals the spotlight. My little spice rack is a flavorful spice collage. It’s an easy way to add a little something-something without breaking the bank.

So Easy to Make:

The spice rack consists of hexagonal jars with magnets in the lids holding the jars to metallic wall plates, an adult version of the magnetic refrigerator letters our children play with. Like those letters, I arrange and rearrange my jars often.
The best part about the spice rack is that it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to replicate.

How To Make a Hexagon Jar Spice Rack


I wish I could say I came up with idea for a hexagonal jar spice rack but not so. I stumbled on the Gneiss Spice Rack while browsing Amazon, looking for a way to corral my numerous spices. ( ). The set included beautiful jars, each with a magnet in the lid and a set of labels for all of the spices you might have. I purchased a set of 24 small jars and hung them on a metal plate I glued to my backsplash. After filling all of the jars. I still had quite a stack of spices. I counted and computed what it would take to store all of my spices and the total was beyond my means. I needed an alternative.

I found hexagonal jars at a jar manufacturer – They were $1.19 each plus shipping (about 60 cents a bottle) – a great deal compared with my initial purchase. Now, three years later, you can get the jars for even less through Amazon.
1.5 oz jars  And 4 oz jars . Both at Amazon

The Metal Plates

I purchased the Metal Plates from Amazon. In my old kitchen I glued the plates to the backsplash as they came (a rectangle). 

Putting hexagonal jars on a rectangular back plate looked good but I wanted more for the new kitchen. Starr used a metal snip to cut the plates into hexagon shapes.

Wall Mounted Spice Rack\

You can purchase clear labels from If you’re label printing savvy you can print them on your printer. Or, you can write on the labels with a fine tip Sharpie. Another easy way to label your spices is to use clear tape (Scotch or whatever brand you have) and write on that.

You can put your spices on your refrigerator or you can use metal sheets. I glued the metal sheets to my backsplash, using Gorilla Glue. I taped the sheets to the wall with painter’s tape then pushed the. plate tight against the wall Left it for 24 hours. Now the metal plates are permanently attached.

I bought my magnets straight from China but this time I wouldn’t, I would go straight to Amazon
There’s no assembly. Place a magnet in the middle of the inside of the lid of your jar.

This spice rack is a super easy way to add a functional, spectacular wow factor to your kitchen.

4 responses to “Make Your Own DIY Magnetic Spice Rack”

  1. Marcia Russell Avatar
    Marcia Russell

    Very clever and the hexagons are perfect with your backsplash tile!

  2. Carol Catinari Avatar
    Carol Catinari

    Whoa!!! you make it sound so easy…and the result is fantastic!

  3. Marcia Russell Avatar
    Marcia Russell

    This is an amazing way to organize your spices and have them handy to where you are cooking!

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