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Changing a kitchen includes a lot of inconvenience.  From the silverware drawers living on the kitchen floor for weeks to the  stove in the middle of the kitchen, we had a year of living the great inefficiency experience. I felt a twinge of remorse watching DH kneeling on the floor rummaging through drawers, motivating me to find something he would enjoy in the new kitchen.

under sink hot water heater

Nothing I had done to that point resonated with him. He didn’t care how the room looked.  He did see the counters as an improvement. Our old, tile counters were so bad, even my husband, who is not capable of seeing dirt, registered the microbial hangout that was our countertops.  But, I wanted  more to assuage my guilt.

After some consideration I found it – that special thing just for Randy, an under counter water heater.

Why?  Before, the reno hot water came from the hot water heater in the garage, inconveniently located at the opposite end of our house.  Two and a half gallons of cold water ran out of the faucet before any hint of hot.  Randy measured it, 2 1/2 gallons.  Not only did you waste water, you wasted time.  Enough time for  Randy to mumble, gripe and bitch, which he did loudly, every frigging time he wanted hot water.  

The  solution? The Instant On, Under Sink, Hot Water Heater, (not to be confused with an instant  hot water dispenser which gives water hot enough for tea or coffee.) The hot water heater has a tank which holds water at a nice, hot temperature so you can wash dishes or your hands, without a 2 1/2 minute, 2 1/2 gallon, wait.

Choosing a hot water heater was hard. The reviews for most of them were dreadful. The winner of our selection showdown was  a Bosch 4 gallon with decent reviews.  This model is pretty reliable but has a part that needs replacing every 8 to 12 months.  Surprisingly, the unit cost only $200. 

on demand hot water heater
hot water on demand

The install was easier than a stick in the eye. (Can you tell I’m originally from the south?)  We have 2 very good local hardware stores. Randy took in the hoses that came with the hot water heater and a hose he had taken out of our own sink install. The hardware folks came up with the exact fittings needed.

So, next time you visit, head right to the kitchen sink. Even in the dead of winter you can wash your hands with the first water out of the faucet without suffering frost bite. It was for Randy. Don’t tell him, I love it, too.

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3 responses to “On Demand Hot Water Heater”

  1. Juli Avatar

    I have been wanting to add an instant hot water device in my kitchen and our hot water heater is in the kitchen. It wastes water, even being so close.
    Your blog site looks amazing, really!

    1. admin Avatar

      Thank you, Juli (about the blog site comment). About the water heater- don’t know how much it would make a difference in your house if your water heater is already in the kitchen. Our propane bill went down more than 50% when we added the under sink water heater. And… you wash your hands with no wait hot water.

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