A Focal Wall in a Bedroom
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Use a Focal Wall In Your Bedroom

Transform Your Bedroom into a Peaceful, Stunning Retreat Make your dream bedroom a reality and every day you can wake up in your own personal retreat. It’s not hard! Maybe you can’t control the chaos in your life, but you can make your bedroom beautiful without a huge amount of work or expense. I changed…

multiple bedrooms with minor changes
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5 Easy Fixes to Upgrade the Look of Your Bedroom

With a few simple tweaks you can move your bedroom from “nice” to stunning. Texture adds visual interest and complexity to designs, enriching them with depth and dynamism. Learn more about texture in our “texture’ Post. Add texture in multiple places in your room. Wallpaper is an easy way to increase the visual interest. Increase…

Bedrooms that include pieces with texture are beautiful
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Texture to Transform Your Room from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Have you ever tried to pinpoint the difference between nice and spectacular, nice and stunning, nice and beautiful? Though it takes more than one simple tweak for a perfect project, there is an area that is an often overlooked design concept, that can change a project exponentially, Texture. Recently, while browsing home decor pictures I…

Blue Kitchen Cabinets
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Blue Kitchen Ideas

Blue Kitchen Magic: the Power of Choosing the Right Color Want to transform your kit chen in a new and exciting way? Whether looking for a peaceful sanctuary or a vibrant representation of your own creative energy?  Consider blue. Look at blue kitchen ideas. Blue is not only aesthetically appealing, but also versatile. A blue…

Kitchen Design, patterned backsplash
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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Searching for backsplash ideas is an important part of designing your kitchen. A unique backsplash can become a focal point, transforming your kitchen. The right backsplash not only elevates visual appeal but also contributes to overall ambiance, for a space that is uniquely yours. You can opt for intricate patterns, vibrant colors, interesting textures or…